When It’s From The Heart, Speaks For Itself. ​

Who ?

We are a Toronto based 360 production team consisting of creative visionaries you have come to know as Top Left. The chemistry amongst us has always been impeccable because of our diverse mentalities, backgrounds, and come ups. Starting with no connections and no funds, we had no choice but to work together with any scraps we could get to bring us where we are today. And we are grateful to be here. 


Whether you’re an artist, a content creator, a start-up, a CEO of an established business, etc. you are a hungry entrepreneur just like us and we relate on that level. Our mission here is to collaborate with you and become one team in order to build on and bring your vision to life. We are big on convenience, because it allows space for creativity. That’s the reason we built our studio the way we did where you can walk in empty handed and walk out with a full project ready to push to the world.


It’s our inner drive to build products close to our hearts, and put everything we’ve got into them. The final products we deliver will inevitably speak for themselves. Like food cooked with love, you could taste the difference. Furthermore, when content comes from a real place, it has the power to change the world in some way, and we would be honored to take part in that.    


Top tier professionals, top tier gear, and top tier clients let’s get it!


Professional & Creative.

Ali Reza

Operational director



Sound department director


Yoshi Idea

Production Adviser


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